About Lisette

me with an oval house sign

Before coming to Wales in 2000, I taught pottery in an Adult Education centre in Birmingham for ten years. Whilst there I made ny first hand painted ceramic house sign as a gift for a friend, who was so delighted with her personalised name plate that she suggested I make them for other people, and Ceramic House Signs was born.

From 2001 to 2011, I worked from a studio at Waunifor, a residential holiday and education Centre in West Wales - see www.waunifor.com - set in the beautiful Teifi Valley area. The surrounding countryside, rich with flora and fauna, is the inspiration for my hand painted name plates and number plaques. Here I taught pottery to local people and ran residential Craft Breaks, as well as producing my unique handmade house-signs.

In 2012, I set up a small studio in my home overlooking the beautiful River Teifi, in order to concentrate on making my house signs, although I still tutored many other crafts at Waunifor for those holidaying in the cottages there, until December 2018. Classes are still available there in pottery and other crafts, see www.craftybreaks.com.

Bespoke ceramic house signs and numbers produced at my studio in West Wales.

Each of my custom house signs is hand made and hand painted
to your specifications before glazing and firing.

To see what I can do for you please enter my studio